Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Insurance

Are healthcare plans portable should I relocate outside of Hong Kong?
Some medical plans cancel within a certain number of days after you leave Hong Kong. Other medical insurance covers you on the same policy, with no additional premium until your renewal. The insurer may then invite renewal at a different premium rating depending on your country of residence.
Will I be covered for medical treatment performed outside Hong Kong?
Most comprehensive medical insurance products offer worldwide coverage in the case of accidents or emergencies. The option to choose to undergo treatment outside of Hong Kong is a unique feature of a select few products in the market. It’s important to know whether you are covered for medical treatment you may seek while outside of Hong Kong.
Can I get covered for pre-existing conditions?
Depending on the insurer, the condition and your profile, terms may be offered to extend coverage for certain pre-existing conditions. In this instance, coverage can be extended to cover the condition with the payment of additional premium.

Life Insurance

What is Life Insurance?
Life protection plans offer financial security for you and your family in the short-term or throughout your life, should the unforeseen happen. A life insurance policy pays out a lump sum to the beneficiaries if the insured person dies during the term of the plan. The payment is used at the discretion of the beneficiaries. Most comprehensive medical insurance products offer worldwide coverage in the case of accidents or emergencies.
How do you pay for Life Insurance and do you get money back if you do not die at the end of the term?
Life policies require payment of a regular annual premium. Unless the insured person dies, there is no payment at the end of the term; premium payments stop and the cover ends.
How much life cover is appropriate?
This is dependent on your personal situation. Things to consider include how much debt you currently have or expect to have, mortgages, your children’s’ education fees and the percentage of household income that comes from your salary.
When is the best time to buy life insurance and what affects the premium?
The earlier you buy life insurance the cheaper the premiums will be. If you wait to go on a plan, there will be an increased risk that you may develop a health condition that drives up your premium or even disqualifies you from coverage.
Premium rates are based on age, gender, weight, current health situation, lifestyle choices (smoker) and occupation. Most life insurance requires a medical exam to determine your current health situation.

* Important Note: The contents of this website are not a contract of insurance. The exact terms, conditions & exclusions of insurance are specified in the policy contract.

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