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This is an important time for your family and understanding how a policy will cover you during this time is critical – you want to be able to focus on your baby instead of on your bills!

Maternity Insurance in Hong Kong cannot be purchased on its own – coverage is a benefit extension attached to your main health insurance policy to cover the medical costs you incur during pregnancy:

  • Doctor and OB-GYN visits
  • Routine scans
  • Delivery costs
  • Hospital stay
  • Treatment for Complications of Pregnancy

In Hong Kong, welcoming a newborn to the family is costly. Medical expenses for each pregnancy typically range between HKD$70,000-HKD$100,000 for a natural delivery and HKD$90,000-HKD$120,000 for caesarean (c-section).

Bills for a complicated pregnancy or premature birth can reach upwards of HKD$150,000. Typically, treatment for complications of pregnancy is included in your main health insurance policy. As coverage varies widely across products, we recommend you consult your policy wording, terms and conditions or speak with us directly to clarify how your coverage will respond should you experience complications during the course of your pregnancy.

It is important to plan in advance, as most pregnancy insurance imposes waiting periods which can range from 10 months to 24 months. Again, policies differ so you need to know whether your wait period is prior to conception or prior to claim.

Ultimately, you want to know that you’re getting the best care possible for you and your baby. Ensuring you have quality Maternity insurance can help relieve many of the stresses associated with prenatal and postnatal care.

While many policies restrict coverage for your newborn immediately following birth, especially if Mum has not served a waiting period under the policy, other policies are designed to provide coverage for a baby from birth, by adding your child immediately to Mum’s own plan.

Our goal is to ensure you have a complete understanding of your Maternity Insurance so you are not surprised by anything other than the beauty of bringing your baby into the world.

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