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Medical insurance is the cornerstone of Employee Benefits in Hong Kong. When providing Employee Medical Benefits, there are a number of factors to consider, such as appropriate coverage levels, geographic coverage, cover for pre-existing and chronic conditions, benefits for dependants and the cost.

Typically, Employee Medical Benefits includes a combination of the following coverage:

  • Hospitalisation & Inpatient Care
  • Outpatient Treatment: General Practitioners & Specialists
  • Maternity: Pregnancy & Delivery
  • Wellness Benefits: Annual  Health Check, Preventative Care
  • Dental
  • Optical

Expat Insurance understands the needs of employers of all sizes and the service and support required by both local and expatriate employees. We use our knowledge and expertise  to assist Employers develop tailored Employee Medical Benefits solutions for their staff.

These Employee Medical Benefits solutions are often tiered to provide staff and management varing dergees of cover to meet their individual needs. “the globally mobile employee”

Our Employee Benefits Programme services include:

  • Provider negotiation, selection and placement
  • Medical plan design
  • Policy issuance and implementation
  • Day-to-day servicing
  • Claims assistance and resolution of claim issues
  • Payment guarantee liaison: member, provider and carrier contact handled by Expat Insurance
  • Enrolment management
  • Telephone and email support for members via Employee Benefits Hotline
  • Presentations to HR Teams and Employees

Employee Benefits clients of Expat Insurance receive quarterly reviews of the employee  listing to ensure all adjustments are made in a timely manner, avoiding unnecessary exposure to premium charges.

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* Important Note: The contents of this website are not a contract of insurance. The exact terms, conditions & exclusions of insurance are specified in the policy contract.

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